Recommended Links: 8/20/16

As I wrote in my personal update,  I’m busy settling in at school so I haven’t had much time to write. So here are a few links from other blogs that I’ve been reading and would recommend. I’ll return to full length posts hopefully sometime in the next few weeks.

Does the Law of Inertia Disprove the Argument from Motion? via Last Eden. This is a post by philosopher Eve Keneinan about inertia and Aquinas’s First Way. Newton’s Laws are often a common objection to the argument from motion; Ed Feser has responded to this objection in his books The Last Superstition and Aquinas, and more comprehensively in his essay Existential Inertia and the Five Ways. Eve offers an excellent treatment of this topic in a concise post.

A Pilgrim’s Regress: George John Romanes and the Search for Rational Faith. An interesting article about the journey to faith of George John Romanes.

Is it Obvious that God is not a Being Among Beings? A post in a series of posts between several philosophers about the nature of God, specifically concerning the views of Classical Theism and Theistic Personalism.

On Three Problems of Divine Simplicity by philosopher Andrew Pruss. An article whose title is pretty self explanatory.

The Fittingness of Evolutionary Creation. This is an article on a website the entirety of which is pretty unique and interesting, as its title displays: Thomistic Evolution.

Transubstantiation and Reason. An article about the philosophy of the Catholic doctrine of Transubstantiation.

*Note: I do not necessarily agree with, either in part or in whole, any of the articles, or authors thereof, listed above. They are just articles I found interesting to read and think about, and thought might be worth sharing.





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